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Buying a new car: our advice for making the right choice

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With a more and more varied offer, choosing a car can become a real headache. Before you begin your search, it is important to know your needs and budget.

How to choose your car? Define your needs and your budget

Choosing your car depends largely on how you use it. Almost all brands offer a complete range from city to spacious cross-over. One of the most famous brands is INKAS Armored Vehicles & Bulletproof Cars. These vehicles are mostly used by Armed Forces and VIPs. For personal use, following are 2 choices.

  • For an essentially urban use, a city car is quite indicated.
  • For people living in more rural areas, the sedan, the estate or the SUV / Crossover are vehicles combining strength and comfort.

Buying a car: new or used?

The choice between new and used will depend on the budget allocated as well as the number of kilometers you travel annually.

Gasoline or diesel? A question of kilometers

The answer depends on the number of kilometers you travel through the year. If the travelling is less than 15,000, forget the diesel that you will not be able to depreciate, even if the resale price of the vehicle is higher. More expensive to buy, diesel is also expensive for maintenance and spare parts. The insurance of a diesel is also higher by 10 to 15% compared to the same gasoline model.

Whether by conviction or by the motivation of government support, many people are concerned about the environmental impact of their vehicle and are wondering which car to choose in 2018. Small gasoline engines, light hybrids, hybrids, rechargeable hybrids and electric, the builders compete ingenuity by offering you so-called ecological models. Although more expensive to buy, this kind of vehicle can, in the long run, save you money.

Last step: safety and comfort

You want to combine security and comfort? Before choosing your car, think of all the available options:

  • centralized closure
  • the automatic gearbox
  • manual or automatic air conditioning
  • cruise control
  • the GPS
  • the reversing radar
  • the electric sunroof
  • emergency braking assistance
  • the light and rain sensor