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Key Points One Should Know About Latest Upgrade Made To Driving Theory Test

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Driving theory tests are important for your driving license theory test. You must be aware of all rules and regulations of this test. As the time changes, the rules of the test are also changed and you should update your knowledge regularly. To qualify the test, you must be aware of all those changes. If you are planning to give driving theory test then this post is going to help you.

You can avail online references for your test preparation. Moreover, there is best book for theory test UK by department of transport has directed it. To prepare yourself you can refer to this book as it is updated with the latest rules of theory test.

Latest Changes Made To Theory Test

  • Language Update – The first change is that you can give theory test sign language only in British, Welsh or Sign language. You cannot select any other foreign language audio or foreign language converter for the theory test.
  • Earlier Changes To The Rule – The last change made to the rule was that DVSA stopped displaying the questions of the theory test. This majorly affected the learners or the trainee who were new to driving. The DVSA does not publish any of its conducted theory test on any website or any guidelines.
  • Re-conducting Both Parts – Many people have perception that if they fail multiple choices question test and qualified the hazard perception which is the second part of the whole test, then they have to appear only for the multiple choices question. Unfortunately, this is not valid at all you have to appear for both the parts again.
  • Why To Change The Theory Test – The DVSA has made changes so that learners can actually know about the rules of driving. If they would provide actual papers to the learners, then they will simply cram those questions and easily qualify the test but this not the motive. The main motive is to make drivers aware of rules of driving.
  • Format of Test After the Updates – The format of the test will not change after changes in rule of theory test they will be exactly the same as they were before. For Car drivers there will be fifty multiple choice questions out of which five questions are of case study. The second test includes the hazard perception test with fourteen video clips.
  • Recommendations
  1. You are suggested to read the book ‘The Highway Code’ thoroughly to qualify your exam. The digitalized copy of the book is available with all the products of Driving Test guides.
  2. Always follow the latest books as they have the latest implemented rules. You can use appropriate test kit to feel the real test environment as your original test. It is very important to study lots of revision papers so that you can learn the rules and know their significance.
  3. You are suggested to practice the case study questions as you will be asked five questions in the driving theory test.