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What Size Of Camping Swag Should You Buy: Here’s A Quick Guide

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camping swags are a great alternative to tents. They’re light and easy to set-up. When you think about it, swags are just fancier sleeping bags. Think about a sleeping bag, with a bit more room and that can protect you from the elements – that is exactly what a swag is.

Taken from Australian camping tradition, a swag is a nice purchase for campers who are looking for a way to minimize their campsite demands. The modern swag is a sleeping bag that often features frames and poles that give people a bit more breathing room when they sleep. Not intended for long-term habitation, they are perfect for hikers who pack it up in the morning. However, when it’s time to buy one, you should decide on what size of swag you should buy. Here’s a quick look at your choices.

Double & Single Swags

The most simple choice are between double and single swags. Single swags are the size for a single person. They measure around 60 to 90 cm wide and are around 180 to 230 cm long. This is the sort of swag that a single person carries around when out in the wild. The aim with it is just to sleep and rest, with a bit of privacy.

The double swag is a bit more substantial. As the name suggests, this size of swag will allow two people to sleep comfortably. Their size is around 110 cm to 130 cm wide and 190 to 230 cm long. That’s enough to allow you to bundle yourself up with your loved one.

King-size Swags

If you want to be a bit more comfortable when you’re sleeping in the wild, king-size swags are an excellent choice, They measure around 90 to 115 cm wide and have the standard 180 to 230 cm length. This gives people a bit more space to wiggle around when they are sleeping. This is for people who want to have a bit more comfort. It is also a great choice for those who have a larger frame than normal. Though it maybe tempting, king-size swags are only meant for a single person. Squeezing in another person inside the swag is going to make it very uncomfortable. Note that these swags are a lot heavier than the normal swag and may require you to have something to carry it properly.

Additional Considerations

The size of the swag is the largest consideration, but it is not the only one. Here are some of the factors you should check out before the purchase:

Mattress. A swag is for sleeping and to do that in the outdoors, you are going to need a mattress built-in.

You should decide on a mattress that is not so soft or hard. A soft mattress will allow the rocks and stones to be felt. Too hard and it will be uncomfortable.

Traditional or Dome. Traditional swags look like sleeping bags, while dome-type swags are like mini-tents.

Ventilation. You want to breathe easily when sleeping. Choose a swag with good airflow.

Overall, choose a swag that you are comfortable with.

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