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How to Choose the right Disc Brakes

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Sooner or later you’ll have to decide what level of maintenance your car or truck needs, especially if it’s parts that wear out regularly. An element that is crucial for your safety more specifically the disc brakes. The good news is that there is a surprising amount of options when it comes to disc brakes, so it should be easy to find one that fits your car, your wallet and your driving style.

Time flies, especially when you drive a powerful Seat Leon. After so many kilometres together, you have to change the discs and the pads, if they are worn, to recover the braking efficiency.
Brake discs are a very important element for the brake system, but there are discs and discs, and manufacturers and manufacturers. Just as you would not buy a television of an unknown brand because you do not have enough guarantee about its reliability, you should not do it with the brakes either. And, who is better than Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) to guarantee the ideal product for your car?

  1. DBA Original discs

Without holes or slots, are the simplest solution to replace your old discs with a quality product. Its secret is in the brake band that guarantees unparalleled driving comfort and also protects the brake pads.
There are discs that resemble only in appearance to those that mounted your Seat Leon (5F1) when leaving the assembly line. However, DBA products guarantee equivalent features to the originals.
In addition, DBA brake discs with the smooth braking band may include one or more of the following characteristics.
PVT Ventilation (Pillar Vented Technology):your new DBA discs offer better resistance to cracks generated by high temperatures, thanks to the innovative ventilation by pillars that has been patented by DBA.
High Carbon: guarantees the reduction of vibrations and noise on board, thanks to the high percentage of carbon in the chemical composition of cast iron.
UV paint: the water-based protective paint coating, does not require solvent and is also applied to the braking band, the external diameter and the drum. This guarantees full disk protection.

  1. DBA Xtra

If you are not satisfied with just changing the brake discs, and also want to improve your braking system, opt for perforated discs.
An undeniable charm and a brilliant and efficient response in any condition, such as the DBA Xtra discs. Thanks to the holes of the braking band, the grip with the pickup improve considerably, guaranteeing a precision braking of your Seat Leon (5F1), especially in the wet, at high temperatures and at high temperatures. initial phases of braking. The holes also help maintain the brake system to its maximum performance, scratching the pad and eliminating the possible material deposited. The presence of the holes also guarantees the dispersion of heat and gas, improving performance.
And do not forget that the DBA Xtra perforated discs have a marked sporty appearance, highlighted by UV paint.

  1. DBA Max

If you are looking for an elegant solution with features, consider the use of DBA slotted discs.
The DBA Max discs are the ideal solution for those looking for an immediate response and high performance already in the initial stages of braking.
The slots in the braking band of these discs reduce the possibilities of vitrification of the pads.
The ingenuity of the DBA technicians has led them to make a slot in the DBA Max discs that serves to indicate if the disc is about to surpass, or has already exceeded, the level of safety wear.
In this way, you can autonomously control the state of disc deterioration and decide to change it when the limit is reached.

  1. DBA Sport

If, however, you want to enjoy your Seat Leon (5F1) on the road, but without giving up a sporty style, we recommend the DBA Sport discs. Available in the slotted or perforated version, they are designed to reduce thermal distortion and disc deformation.
Combining DBA Sport discs with the same series of pads, you can enjoy the same comfort and long-life advantages of the best DBA discs.
To guarantee you a product with the sportiest look possible, DBA submits its Sport discs to a complex process of gold plating.
These discs have the same dimensions as the original ones of your car, and they are easy to install as they are perfectly compatible with the standard callipers.